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HYDRA-HYAL SERUM is the reformulation of our intensive anti-aging serum that now combines the power of 5 hyaluronic acids for instantly hydrated and plumped skin.

FILORGA took its inspiration from aesthetic medicine while drawing on nearly 40 years* of expertise in injectables. For the first time, we’ve incorporated into one serum, a complex that delivers 5 types of natural-origin hyaluronic acids deep into the skin + NCEF and Sophora Japonica extract, an antioxidant that fights against skin aging.

Contains 5 Types of Hyaluronic Acid: 

  • Low molecular weight - regenerative properties at Dermal Layer
  • Medium molecular weight - hydration at the Epidermal Layer 
  • High molecular weight - hydrating effect and smoothes dehydration lines at the surface of the Epidermal Layer 
  • Encapsulated - High molecular weight at the base of the Epidermal Layer for a plumping effect 
  • Cross-Linked - at the surface of Epidermal Layer for a long lasting hydrating effect,  improves barrier function, and elasticity



  • Plumps The Skin Immediately(2)
  • Increases The Level Of Hyaluronic Acid In The Skin By +58%(3) 
  • And Provides 24-Hour Hydration(4)


 *From 1978 To 2015

(2) Clinical Study - 33 Women - Result After 1 Application. 

(3) Ex-Vivo Test In Comparison With A Placebo, 1 Application For 4 Days. 

(4) Hydration Study, Moisture Map, 20 Volunteers, 1 Application.

30ml Pump Bottle


Super-moisturizing mask




Super-smoothing collagen boosting formula

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