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Step into the limelight with Dermatint Contour, the epitome of facial artistry and scientific innovation in a 15ml symphony of skin perfection. This is not merely a product; it's the sculptor's chisel, the painter's brush, the architect's blueprint to your skin's masterpiece.

Masterful Contouring: With precision and passion, Dermatint Contour carves out the high definition your features deserve. It's the secret to the coveted contour, creating shadows where you desire and highlights where you dazzle, all with a stroke of clinical expertise. Feel the product's magic as it works to craft a visage that's not just seen but remembered.

Robust Resilience: While it sculpts your features to perfection, Dermatint Contour is also your shield in the invisible war against the elements. Our advanced triple UV filter technology, fortified with Uvinul® A Plus, Tinosorb S, and titanium dioxide, ensures your skin is equipped to stand strong against the sun's glare and environmental aggressors.

Elevated by Science: Dermatint Contour isn't just about looking good in the now—it's about investing in your skin's future. Infused with Infraguard®, this contouring champion is also your guardian against the modern world's skin stressors, from blue light to pollution, ensuring your skin's vitality and longevity.

The Art of Skincare: This is where the art of contouring and the science of skin protection unite. With every application of Dermatint Contour, your skin is not just shaded and shaped but also soothed and strengthened. It's a daily ritual that celebrates your features and arms your skin against the test of time.

Dermatint Contour is not just a stroke of genius on your skin—it's a stroke of confidence, a stroke of resilience. With this in your arsenal, contouring becomes more than beauty—it's about creating a legacy of healthy, defined, and protected skin.

Size: 15ml

Super-moisturizing mask




Super-smoothing collagen boosting formula

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